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Data wysylki : 2013-10-03
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Rodzaj : USLUGI    PRODUKCJA       Ilosc : stała współpraca
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Szczegółowy opis : Firma z Irlandii zleci produkcję wyrobów z żywicy. Kontakt na email

My business specialises in producing cold cast bronze Irish Celtic ornaments.
1. First I carve out of wood, clay, plaster.
2. Then a silicon mould is created from this.
3. A bronze powder mixed with a polyester resin is laid into the mould and a hook is added for hanging.
4. When that is set, a mix of polyester resin with (any) filler is added to the mould.
5. When this is set and removed from the mould we use steel wool to brighten the bronze.
6. Then a high speed polishing machine with polishing wax will shine the surface.
7. Black spray is added to the back of the item before it goes to be packed.
8. Labels, stickers, booklet and other accessories are then attached to the items before it is put into a gift box.
9. A gold elasticated ribbon and a barcode are then added and finally the product is ready to sent to shops.

I would be interested in looking for an existing factory who could do this process for me from stage 2 - 9 on the above list.

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