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Data wysylki : 2016-11-29
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Termin wyszukania : 14 dni

Szczegółowy opis : Rumuńska firma szuka dostawcy obuwia roboczego.

Pełna specyfikacja:

1. We have a request now for 370 pairs of boots with non-slip soles and composite toe, category S3, according to ISO EN 20345. Lower is the data Sheet.

We kindly ask you to send us a detail technical and commercial offer ( for two delivery possibilities: EXW Poland and DAP Suceava/ Romania ).

2. Also, for the future, please send us your commercial offer ( for the same 2 delivery possibilities ) and catalogue with all the products that you have.


boots with non-skid soles and composite toecap

In the works where there is the risk of slipping on surfaces that can be found patches of oil, acids or bases. In activities that can drop objects on top of the boot and used in environments with high humidity.

Boots must be included in the ISO EN 20345, S3 category, used in environments with high humidity.

The face of the boots is made of calf natural skin, pressed and waterproofed. Lining aerated with 3D Lining in three textile layers.

Ergonomic padded collar.

Composite toecap resistant at 200 Joule.

Sole with non-metal blade, antiperforation incorporated, will be injected dual density polyurethane, antistatic, non slip, resistance to acids, bases, oils and fuel.

Boots will have incorporated a shock absorber system. Inside the anatomical shape, antifungal and antibacterial treated.

The closing will be through cord.

Product guarantee period has to be minimum 1 year from the moment when it’s start.

Each product will be accompanied by a prospectus containing this sheets:

- Operating and maintenance;

- Warnings required on misuse;

- Limits of use;

- Storage instructions;

- Scrapping instructions;

- Warranty period.

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